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Polish Sausage (aka Smoked Kielbasa, Easter Sausage)
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Polish Sausage (aka Smoked Kielbasa, Easter Sausage)

The sausage that started it all. Our famous Polish Kielbasa recipe features pork and beef seasoned with garlic and black pepper and smoked in a real hickory smoker. Serve grilled in a bun or slice into chunks and stew with sauerkraut. Also known as "Easter Sausage"

  • Pork and beef in a natural hog casing.
  • Contains nitrate. Does not contain MSG.
  • Fully cooked (smoked), ready to eat cold or hot.
  • One order includes two 12-inch-long links (about 1.25 pounds total).
  • Keep refrigerated. Best when consumed within 14 days. 
  • May be frozen. 

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